Chicken Coops: Monaco

Monaco seen from the Presidential Palace. Fujifilm X30

This look across the harbor to the city climbing up the hill really struck me. The density of building is shocking. From that view, it’s hard to image that there are even roadways or sidewalks between the buildings.

I was reminded of an afternoon at Jon’s Fish Market at the Dana Point, CA harbor. I’d walked down there and ordered fish and chips. The place was busy and an older woman asked if she could share my outdoor table. We talked and when I asked her where she lived, she point inland towards San Juan Capistrano and Laguna Niguel and said “in a chicken coop up there.” The image hasn’t left me of the condos climbing up the hills; as chicken coops.

I had the Fuji X30, a travel zoom camera with a 12 mega-pixel 2/3” sensor. Based on the specs you’d never expect it render a scene this well. It has an outstanding zoom lens that helps that rendering.

Next time you find an arugument about sensor resolution remember this image. State of the art is 24 mega-pixels APSc or larger sensing. 2/3” 12 mega-pixel in a travel zoom. Not so bad.