Valet Parking

X100F w/TCL-X100II 50mm convertor f2 1/40 ISO 400

This couple waiting for the valet to bring their car back caught my eye from 1/2 block away. I was worried that I’d miss the shot, so I rushed to get in position. At the same time I didn’t want to spook them from the revery. I walked quickly preping the X100F on the move. A group passed in front of the couple as I reached the my spot. As soon as the group passed; you see the result.

The woman holding a smart phone would normally be off limits for an image. People holding phones are doing just that; and it isn’t interesting to observe. Perhaps if occasionally you’d see someone holding a fish it would be interesting, but only until everyone was holding a fish. It’s like that with phones. Everyone is holding one so it’s challenging to find an interesting image. You need more. In this case the man is clearly engaged and maybe even a little impatient grasping his watch. His expression, clearly a bit pained, is a pain I’ve felt too.

I’ve been devoted to the X100F for a couple of months now. Devoted means that I always wear a camera and X100F camera only. It changes you to do that. At first it’s a self conscious act. Having a camera all the time; a real camera that looks like a camera. I walk to the train, into work, at lunch, everyplace. It sits on my desk at work. Surprisingly people take no particular notice. I friends and family know that I might have a camera along at any moment anyway. Often people strike up conversations about the camera. The X100F is an opening to that; it looks old school and analog unless you are hip to the Fuji camera line.

Lately X100F has had the TCL-X100II 50mm convertor mounted. That 50mm (full frame) FOV is something I’ve always liked but haven’t used it much in the last few years. I’m finding it a nice prospective again.

This photo taken at a shutter speed of 1/40 is starting to fly in the face of the “rule” for shutter speed. That rule shutter speed = 1/focal length in full frame terms would lead me to worry since the lens is a 50. That would be a 1/50 shutter speed for blur free imaging. I broke that rule, but only slightly. I am find that the X100 does handhold quite well. Without the TCL convertor on I regularly see 1/20 sec shutter speed images that look surprisingly blurr-free. But as we know:

Sharpness is a bourgeois concept.

Just take the image. If it comes out a blurry or out of focus so what? It might still work. It might even work better a little out of focus. Just take the image.