About me

I’ve started quite a few blogs and never found my way into keeping them up. I finally realized that I’d been reading too much on the web about how to setup a blog and generate traffic, monetize that blog, optimize for SEO, …

That isn’t really me. I’ve worked my entire life. I’m a Senior Process Development Specialist at a fortune 100 company. I’ve been fortunate to be in an organization that appreciates creativity and supports risk taking. That has allowed me to work out on the sometimes bleeding edge of technology. I do factory automation. You can find me on linked in if you want know the whole kielbasa. The point of this is I’m not interested in those typical blog-like activities. I work, create, and try things.

The advice that always tripped me up was to have a narrow focus for your blog. I don’t have a narrow focus in my life, so why in my blog? I raced cars, rode ultra marathon cycling events (PBP ancien 2011 & 15), love photography, am learning to sail, planning to retire to Europe in 2020, going to hike for six months the Camino Santiago from Paris to Lisbon with my wife Ruth then buy a sailboat and live on it four or fives months a year in the Mediterranean. There’s more but that’s whats on my mind for now at the beginning of 2019.

So why have a blog just about photography or sailing or expat living? These things in my life all intersect and feed one another. This blog is about all those things. I’ll tag and categorize so I can find things later. This blog is a memory for me and my family as well. In this digital age it’s really easy to have everything you’ve created lost with a missing password or buggered hard drive. Here, I try to hold a few important things in memory for the future.